Warpaint: Ambient Female Punk on the Path


Thank you, Los Angeles, for delivering to us a band of four kick-ass girls who have conjured a type of music so fetching in ambience, with a sometimes primitive and dance-worthy style, and slipping a sucker punch of punk, that music critics are still fighting with what bs label to slap on it.


Warpaint made their debut, in 2008, with their Exquisite Corpse EP, mixed and mastered by former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante . The EP contains songs of soft-but-powerful vocals fused with hazy space rock riffs and laid-back-melodies like in the song “Elephants.” Similar to what we hear in CocoRosie, the sound sometimes takes you to that beautiful eerie and gradually grabs and pulls you out of your comfort zone. If only more music took this road.  


The Fool, released in 2010, opened new doors for the band. Aside from a world tour, the band performed at festivals like Bonnaroo, Coachella and Glastonbury. The album gave us an idea of how the style was not set-in-stone, but developing into a unique collage of influence and discovery with more songs of deep reflection in ways that didn’t make listeners want to find the end of the rope before the end of the song. “Shadows,” for example, hits on point with a fervent vocal delivery that connects with the lyrics, “The city I walk in, it feels like it swallows, with my hand in my pocket, I feel like a shadow.” The song is a mixture of somber guitar-picking, light piano-fills, and melancholic background vocals on top of a hip hop beat  that works tremendously as the footing for where this song goes.


There is an elegance to what these girls do tied in with an intentional lack of modesty. Warpaint’s self-titled release, in 2014, blew the minds of critics everywhere who were listening to this group for the first time. Here, we are introduced to an array of novel influences from trip hop to shoegaze to electronic post-punk; this self-defined musical aroma of both worlds (the celestial trance keeping you warm in ambience and the idk go-get-bent underline driving you to riot, burn your clothes and live the rest of your days in the wild) keeps you in a working paradox. It keeps you at bay, while you’re still lost out at sea  I love this rare occasion when artists know what they want, and are so bold and unbridled that they pay no mind to the never-ending repertoire of mindless, recycled crap eating away at what we call music. I’m guaranteed to stay at the edge of my seat, as Warpaint continues their ongoing journey for unique aesthetic style

Photo Posted by – 04.MAR.2014

Warpaint – Disco//Very – Keep It Healthy (Official Video)

Warpaint at SoundCloud




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