Brigid Mae Power: Irish Singer-Songwriter with Breathtaking Presence


Experience the dreamsound of Brigid Mae Power. Bask in the musing lyrics and affable tones of a honed vocal presence, spiritual piano pieces and the slowdown dusty percussion to levitate the soul into a dreamscape of immeasurable power and peaceful tranquility. 

As someone who grew up to strong female vocalists/singer-songwriters, who worked behind a piano and just made magic happen, I am particularly drawn to this brass and beautiful sound pulsing around the breezy and poetic artistry in choice of words. This artist brings about all the buoyant fruits we see in others such as Tori Amos, Laura Marling and Feist, but not to the extent that the style is an imitation. It is sorrowful and angelic at times, but always honest.

I cannot express enough how overtaken I am when I see talented musicians like this step into the light with something different, something original, and something carrying subsistence.


Her songs are almost therapeutic. The album is not consistent on the piano. From track to track, she transitions to stretched harbor accordion sounds or those folkish tender guitar strokes we see with Feist. I even love the stringing howls produced when between lyrics like in the song “I Left Myself for a While” and then in songs like “Watching the Horses,” I’m reminded of the lyrical beauty I’ve heard in artists like Amanda Bergman   that is limned with magnetic melodies and gentle piano keys striking.

This album leaves you with an interesting track, “How You Feel,” consisting of a duet and harmonizing sigh. We are left with these lyrics: “I feel your intent / I’m not sure, of the meaning of it yet / But nothing, nothing feels bad /And I feel safer than I ever have before.”


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