Greg in Good Company: Soulful Good Vibes in New EP



Indulge in the uplifting vibes of a Los Angeles gem that will awaken the days when acoustic funk and rasping soulful voices rang from every street corner.

Greg Gilman and the crew make music with raw and ready bass riffs, jumping harmonies, and a tall glass of fun within every groove. Releasing their debut EP, Greg in Good Company first reminded me of bands like Blues Traveler, Sister Hazel, and Gilman’s voice can compare with artists like Marcus Mumford or John Popper; but, as I continued to listen, I discovered more influences involved and blended into something that I would say is their own style.

maxresdefault (1)

From the acoustic ballad and soft dancing harmonies found in “That Girl’s a Star” to the honest and heartfelt “2 AM,” very full with a nice harmonica solo and brass line, we are not left with one sound, but an assortment of musical direction. “Save Me” was a favorite of mine. I enjoyed the disco harmonies, chill guitar groove with a nice instrumental break and the reconciliation at the lyrics, “Every time that I see you, / my demons all seem to fear you.”  

I see this band continuing to grow in their musical endeavors as long as they stay true to what they love. Take the time to check out Greg in Good Company on Spotify, or buy their new EP at your iTunes store, and keep an eye open for any live shows.




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