The Absurd: The Trigger Happy EP


Looking for that grungy blues alternative experience that will open nostalgic doors to the glory days of bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Alice in Chains and The Black Keys? The Absurd comes at you with explosive solos and heavy guitar distortion over the desert grunge acoustic rhythms and haunting harmonies from the days of Staley and Cantrell.

Releasing their second EP The Trigger Happy, LA based rock group, The Absurd, delivers this electrifying set of everything you loved about the 90’s grunge era and more; with lyrical sincerity and, at times, a psychedelic touch with chromatic breaks, stretching vocals and unique drum beats, you get an idea of the band’s influences and see them as they develop their own original sound.

hunnypot scream

When I first heard the track “Drama,” I thought “This is great! It’s got witty lyrics, a kind of JJosh Homme/Dan Auerbach sound,” but, then, I listened to “Blackwater,” and was reminded of bands like Days of the New with that heavy acoustic strumming/desert rock style and also, for some strange reason, reminded of Alice in Chains’ “Angry Chair,” probably due to the sweet harmonies between Foerg and Loney. I love the boiling electric guitar solos that rise through the acoustic jam and just explode.

hunnypot guitar

They don’t stick to one sound, but, instead merge the stuff they love and create what interests them. I can always respect a band that plays what they want. It sounds like common sense, but so few bands will due to what’s trending and popular demands.

I look forward to hearing more from these guys as they age and develop with more play and experience. Don’t forget to check out their new EP The Trigger Happy at and connect with The Absurd on facebook.


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