Shape of the Sun: Music for the Center

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Columbus, Ohio brings us the gripping lyrics and musical dynamics of a band that finds the center of how you’re feeling to let you know, “You’re not alone.” Brilliant harmonies and well-mastered timing is only the beginning to what makes this group a sound for sore ears.

I woke up one morning from a long, drug-out night, full of Whiskey, Mickey’s and bad choices. I see this band and start to watch some of their homemade videos. Immediately, I’m hooked when I hear the track “The Bad Nights.” “Words fill my mind just like a manuscript, / but I don’t know what they mean when they leave my lips. / Do you remember the bad nights?” I found their most recent EP and played on repeat while I lay lethargic with a bottle of Advil.

Shape of the Sun released their self-titled EP, in March of 2015, with a sound that is energetic, soulful and poignant with a melancholy bug from time to time. Their lyrical content and use of soothing backup vocals with chorus harmonies reminds me of bands like Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, or Death Cab for Cutie. Shape of the Sun has an original style. You can hear a little of their influences through their music, but they have definitely found their own sound.


They are everywhere on this EP, leaving each track significant and crucial to the make-up. I loved every song off this EP. I would have to say my favorites were “I Wanna Be Your Light” and “The Fire Waits for No One” for their tight composition, full body and appropriate change-to-effect. They have a single, “Here Comes the Weight of the World,” released in October of 2015. It’s just as powerful as any track from their EP.

I hope to see a lot more from this band in the future. I would love to catch a show. Be sure to check out their Shape of the Sun EP at and their recent single at Connect with Shape of the Sun on Twitter or Facebook.


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