Night Drive: Position I


Moog-art sensations, Night Drive, awaken a lost era of creativity and direction to captivate the beautiful and strange. With powerful themes and images in their videos, and a familiar sound they have made their own, this electric duo is breaking way with an intrepid mission to create music that will move your feet and expand your sight.


As a child of the 80’s, I’m drawn to that classic alternative craze of dangly earrings, facepaint and black leather; but that’s not all, there was this bold and courageous movement, at the time, reminding people that music must evolve. Night Drive has a boldness, a sad-but-hopeful tone ringing out through all this energy they put into their music; and I think if they continue down this path, we can expect to see a lot more in-depth exposure from Duhon and Connell.


When I first listened to “Young Rivals,” I was immediately taken back to the days I would rock out to some New Order and Devo’s Freedom of Choice. I felt like “Easy to Lie” should have been on the soundtrack for Netflix’ Stranger Things. Their videos are very vibrant and detailed depictions of what their music. I enjoyed these two as well as “After Dark.”   


Night Drive released their debut album Position I and are currently ending their tour. You can catch them at the Yes Indeed Music Festival in Houston, TX on September 17, or November 4-6 at the Sound on Sound Music Festival in McDade, TX with bands like Beach House, Phantogram and more…



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