Dinosaur Jr. Gives a Glimpse and More with New Release


Immortal and aesthetic punk legends, Dinosaur Jr., give us yet another glimpse into the undying inspiration bubbling in the twisted minds of Mascis and Barlow. With Mascis’ electrifying and pain-wrenching vocals striking like lightning behind the heavy distorted guitar-thunder shaking the ground beneath you, the album is another groundbreaking success for these heroes of kick ass music!


Dinosaur Jr. released the eleven track album, Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not, under the Jagjaguwar label on August 5 of this year, feeding us yet another masterpiece from frontman and producer, J. Mascis. Like many sets from this band, its a fitting rollercoaster of emotion and genre mix. The band is known for their eclectic sound brew and influence that hews the original make-up for these boys of Massachusetts. It’s almost like the guys have an epiphany of sound that sometimes shoots up from the energy of the punk, or the pain-soaked folkhero, or the nostalgic alternative son and then they fuse what they got and release the fucking Titans.


I’ve never been the type to get stuck in the mud-pit of a scene, so when I see bands like Dinosaur Jr. doing what’s natural to them and still pleasing the ears and souls of their fans, I know there’s hope.

The opening track, “Going Down,” is heavily based around Mascis’ Iommish distorted, fuzztastic guitar progressions and nostalgic vocals. It screams more of the classic alternative with bits and pieces of the band’s signature feedback. The music video for “Tiny” was, first, released in June; the video places in the world of roller derby competitions and a skateboarding bulldog. The song easily get’s stuck in your head. A personal favorite is “I Walk for Miles.” Love everything about this track from Murph’s drum break to Barlow’s pounding bass riffs, and Mascis absolutely kills it with his grunge-like guitar crunches and gravel vocals floating like a ghost singing for the pain of the world. “Love Is…” and the last track, “Left/Right,” lean more toward the band’s folky side falling on acoustic strumming and a strong lyrical presence. I love how it repeats the message in this song, “Love is the law,” and then “I follow all it recommends.”


If you’re a longtime fan of the band, I strongly suggest you give this album a listen; also, if you’re not familiar with Dinosaur Jr., or the artistic chemistry between J. Mascis and Lou Barlow, I would still recommend a listen, especially the older stuff with Cosloy and Wharton Tiers. And as I simply tell people when they ask me for a particular reason why they should hear a band, it’s just good music.




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