Southern Rock Revivalist, C2 and the Brothers Reed, Seize a Lost Charisma


Southern rock revivalist, C2 and the Brothers Reed, seizes the day with a lost charisma and stagemanship forgotten in today’s musical diarrhea of half-ass talented youtube stars and whiny little emo kids with wifi. The guys are spitting sparks, working on a high voltage plain; they are raising, from the grave, a vintage era of sex, drugs and great fucking music!


The band surprised me, under a tent, at a random bike event in East Tennessee. The typical bluegrass band that the region clings to as their roots played and then these guys explode on stage with fog machines and a swarm of groupies. Apart from their originals, we got to hear impressive covers from psychedelic masterminds Pink Floyd, as well as other legendary artists from the 60’s and 70’s, but the band was focused on original music, and I’ll take that over any cover band.



This music is so powerful. Cameron’s vocals alone remind me of somewhere between a young Caleb Followill and Ray LaMontagne. That right there should tell you a lot! And Kelly Reed’s guitar works the set from this funkadelic state of controlled bends and quick-strumming to a spacey, raw and heavy presence, where he breaks into these mind-bubbling solos. Cameron grabs the audience like you see from an experienced storyteller, while Reed is stomping loudly with burning charisma and uncontrollable expressions. Kody Reed keeps the band steady and on point with precision drumming. On keyboard, James Weishar strikes with the haunting influence of legendary organist, Ray Manzarek.   

C2 and the Brothers Reed released both Weigh Station Tour: Exit A and Weigh Station Tour: Exit B in the spring and summer of 2015. The band has a screaming talent; but like so many bands overlooked today, this is a band you want to see live. Meaning…you have to throw on some pants, leave your hotspot, and go see some fucking live music. While the band has played some major acts over the years, like with STP’s Scott Weiland (RIP), or Moon Taxi, we’ve yet to see this band really rise. Don’t get me wrong. I see great things to come from C2 and the Brothers Reed. All they need is your support and the right opportunity!   


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