Temple of the Dog: 25th Anniversary Tour


25 years after the lone album from a group who shook and stirred the Seattle music scene (Hell. This was such a milestone for the Seattle music scene, bringing together crucial pieces to an entire era of music still channeling listeners today), I’m proud to announce the band of grunge prophets confirming a US tour for 2016.

I grew up to the kick ass wail of a young Cornell, and this was an album that stood on its own next to Soundgarden, and the soon to be Pearl Jam. To be honest, it was the raw, unleashed vocals and lyrical heartsense that magnetized me to Chris Cornell and the sound that would grow from earnest project. His loss of good and longstanding friend, Mother Love Bone’s Andrew Wood, was heard and felt on your heartstrings as you listened to the first couple tracks, “Say Hello 2 Heaven” and “Reach Down.” The album progresses from the theme of loss into more of a reflection of Andy seen by Chris.


There are few albums I can recite word for word. This is one of them! I still get chills listening to “Wooden Jesus,” when I hear the lyrics, “Porcelain Mary her majesties pure / looking for virgin territory / coat hanger halos don’t come cheap / from television shepherds with living room sheep, / and I pray.” And if you’re a fan of the Vedder, this is where we discover that deep and beautiful vibrato in the third track, “Hunger Strike,” still playing on radio stations everywhere. According to Vedder, this was the first time he heard himself playback on a record. He was trying out for Gossard, Ament and McCready’s band that was developing the same time as Temple of the Dog. Needless to say, he got the spot as frontman for one of most influential bands of the ’90s.


You would, later, see Temple of the Dog tracks incorporated in soundtracks for films like Wayne’s WorldBenny & Joon and We Bought a Zoo. After A&M Records released the album, the band only played a few legendary shows, because it was also at this time that Soundgarden would blow up the charts with the release of Badmotorfinger.

What was Temple of the Dog? You might say they were The Yardbirds of the Seattle Scene. There was so much talent, and so many iconic legends collaborating peacefully. From this band, we see an avalanche of incredibly mastered, platinum-selling records going in all directions, but always tracing back to this band.


After 25 years, the band gets to do the thing they never got to, and that’s play more shows for screaming fans! All November shows are sold out, but keep your eyes and ears open for more chances to see these guys live!


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