Seasons Greetings from C2 and the Brothers Reed

It’s the cheerful time of the year for family and loved ones to gather round, read Dickens, drink hot cocoa, and sing carols by the fireplace; it’s when girls get to dress up as skimpy santas and a fat wino can have a job as long as he looks good in a red suit. For this holiday special, SoundOpen would like to invite the charismatic C2 and the Brothers Reed to tell a little about the band’s making, what to expect, as well as a few seasonal quirks. And then we’ll decide whether they’ve been naughty or nice…

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Featured Interview with Shape of the Sun


Shape of the Sun: Behind Artificial Hearts Shape of the Sun is pseudonym for Nate Linek’s musical masterminding. It began with a self-titled album that accented with the indie rock flavor we …

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“Anything But Words” Interview: New Album from RZA and Banks

Warner Bros. Records Interpol’s Paul Banks and Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA stamped their names in rock and hip-hop lore long ago, so why would they team up to form Banks and Steelz and release a full-length project? The better question is why not, because neither artist has been content to rest on their laurels. Banks has…

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(IAM)WARFACE is Ready to Hit the Big Time @IAMWARFACE

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Making the transition from a solo act to fronting a band seems an easy feat for Matt Warneford, of the Brighton, England, electro rock band (IAM)WARFACE.

The multi-talented musician knows what he wants from his music and with a full band, he’s finally able to achieve it. Multiple fans have called it (IAM)WARFACE the love child of Depeche Mode and Muse. I might not go that far, but it is a sleek blend of electronica and hard rock, while maintaining pop sensibilities.

Every track flows with a hard-driving beat, and the title track of the new EP, “Say My Name,” has been getting rave reviews all over social media sites. The band is definitely making a strong debut.

As they prepared for their EP release party Saturday night, I thought this was the perfect time to sit down and chat with Matt and introduce (IAM)WARFACE to the masses.

Here is…

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Radiohead’s Secret Weapon — Discover

“Classical harmony is about balance and things moving in contrary motion, but rave harmony is about euphoric richness — it has a brazen quality in the way it moves.” UK cellist and producer Oliver Coates discusses his album, Upstepping, which is “pumped up body music” made with distorted cello sounds.

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